WELCOME TO “Duchi di Castelluccio”

Natural, Organic and Bio Vegan Wines of Abruzzo since 1971

A company with a proud history, with passionate people, that possess good ethics and clear values of the highest order to customer liaisons.

This site will enlite you to the scope and the clear understanding of the company’s philosophy, a culture to quality wines of the highest order, the people behind it, the tradition, innovation and the technology well integrated in the origins of the wines produced in ABRUZZO.

All of the wines are produced with certification by D.O.C. and Causaria Riserva but is also included in the IGT album of the province Chieti and Pescara. All vines are planted, treated and cultivated with Biological/Organic methodologies and practices since 1990. They are examined, controlled, evaluated and certified by ICE.

It was since 1889 that our generations began to cultivate, grow the very first vineyard, this was followed by a family owned company which had evolved from 1939 to arrive at the foundation in 1971 whereby Casa Vinicola hence “Duchi di Castelluccio” was born. This was and is today one of the first companies in the world to embrace with great passion and appreciation the wines of ABRUZZO. Starting and opening important distribution lines overseas. The preparation, cultivation and planting of ORGANIC WINES began in the year 1990.

Greater respect to the agriculture sector, continuous evaluation of processes and good attitudes to being User-Friendly to the environment. We are determined to maintain our mission by NOT using chemical substance with our plantation and industrial fertilization, hence continuing to respect the timing of treatment for better growth. It is for these reasons that we continue to operate within regulations and the boundaries we initially set-out, firstly to respect the envjronment and secondly and most importantly to demonstrate transparency to our consumers. Abiding by the Organic principles.

“The quality of life, for us today means respect for the environment with which we live”

The philosophy behind the Organic principles is to ensure we maintain consistency in our services and the high level of quality products we present annually to our consumer. Ultimately, our MISSION is to improve the QUALITY of life for our CONSUMERS by producing and commercializing genuine high quality wines while maintaing the good taste.

The VINEYARDS is located in an area covering less than 100 acres of land all of which are D.O.C. and I.G.T owned and CERTIFIED Organic & Vegan from ICEA.

It is beautifully geographically located between the sea and the best hills of Abruzzo for greater climatization. This creates a blissful ambiance for natural cultivation, easy treatment and sumptuous tastes in grapes that enables man to produce a wide variety of quality wines.

These include historical well known vine of Montepulciano, Moscato and Trebbiano. Also, leads to the new high quality of Chardonnay, Pecorino, Passerina, Traminer, Cococciola, Fiano and Syrah all of which grow in the greater hills at a level from 250 to 300 metres above sea level. Areas of SCAFA, NOCCIANO, RIPA CORBARA and MANOPPELLO.

La Cantina is built with a modern day structure with up-to-date state of the art technology to ensure the company produces the very best while maintaining the OLD TRADITIONAL CASTLE-look to reflect the proud history, the passion and the traditional feel of the location in the Region of ABRUZZO. The establishment comprises of three sections of the plant.

A) The entrance with an open hospitable reception that leads to a restaurant area seating for 50 people.

B) The central area (the biggest of the three) includes the production, the packaging and labelling area of wines while the bottom half of the warehouse sees the storage of bins and barrels. The OLD TOWERS are clearly visible from a greater distance but in hindsight are used to host cliente, consumers and exhibitors.

C) Located on near the first two establishments but closely outside sees the traditional wooden plant with a steel-look of which serves the primary operation of grapes once picked from the vineyards.

Our staff are always commited to modern day understanding and certified standards of services, while presenting a product of excellence to a market that is forever competitive to continuous high quality.

The organization “Duchi Di Castelluccio” is proudly built with specialized consultants who operate and thrive on maintaning and assisting with processes that continue to improve standards. The aim is to maintain high standards while continuing to grow with cultivation, the production and the development of systems associated with the respect to the environment. The technical staff are always working closely with management and administration by chosing the right equipment, trained staff followed up by evaluation and quality control. Leading to a culture within the organization that promotes good behaviour and practices that help to produce the very best for the consumer.

OUR COMPANY DIRECTIVE is to work day by day with great passion and dedication, ultimately to produce and deliver the very best fruits of our activity to the client.